What is a PCA?

If you haven’t stopped by the Career Development office in a while – or ever! – you may not know that we have six PCAs there to help you. But what is a PCA?

Peer Career Advisor.

Okay, but what does that mean? Let me break it down.

Peer: We’re students. We have papers, exams, tests, activities just like you. We understand. Finding an internship or job can be tiring. Writing resumes and cover letters can be tough. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Career: As PCAs, we’re here to help you with your career-related needs. We work alongside our directors to give you the best advice, up-to-date resources, and encouragement as you pursue your career path.

Advisors: We have helpful resources and it’s our job to share them. We want to help you be successful on your career journey. That’s why we are trained specifically to help you with:

Resume Writing

Cover Letter Writing

Internship/Job search

Interview Preparation

and more

So drop in, schedule an appointment or email us questions at careerdevelopment@capital.edu to meet your PCAs and see how they can help you today!

— Shannon Ball, PCA


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