Why YOU Should Go To This Month’s Career Fair

Did you know a career fair is still a worthwhile experience regardless of what year you are or whether you are looking for a job/internship? Here’s why:

Get Valuable Information. A career fair is the perfect way to feel out what types of jobs or internships you are actually interested in. Talking to recruiters is an easy way to learn more about the positions and expectations for companies you are interested in that you may not learn just by looking at positions posted online.

It’s good practice. A career fair is a low pressure situation to get feedback from employers about your resume and help relieve some of the jitters that come when you start interviewing for the first time.

Even if you are not looking for a job/internship or think you aren’t interested in the employers who will be there, this career fair is the perfect opportunity to practice talking to employers. That way, when you do pursue a job or internship, you’ll know what to expect.

Have a Competitive Advantage. You can find out what types of skills and qualifications employers in your field are looking for which will help you when applying and interviewing for positions. You’ll know how to tailor your resume for that position and how to prepare for the interview so you can showcase your relevant skills.

Get a job or internship out of it! When else will multiple employers looking to hire be placed so easily in your path? This is an opportunity where the employers you approach are not going to turn you away, tell you they’re not hiring, or overlook your resume. By going and speaking with employers, you have the chance to get on their radar – and may walk away with a prospective job or internship.

So what are you waiting for? Learn how to register here!


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