6 Steps to Prepare for this Month’s Career Fair

So you’ve decided you are attending the job fair. But what now? Check out these steps on how to prepare for the upcoming job and internship fair

1. Write Your Resume

You should never go to a career fair empty handed. Having multiple copies of your resumes ready will allow you to give something to give employers to help them remember you and how your experiences will bring value to their company. Don’t know where to start when writing your resume? Click here for help writing a resume.

2. Get Your Resume Reviewed

Writing a resume is the first step, but make sure to drop by our office to get it reviewed. You don’t want an employer to disregard you as a candidate because you have made easily avoidable mistakes on your resume.

3. Do Your Homework

Look through the list of employers who are going to be at this month’s fair and choose the ones you are most interested in. Then, visit their websites and look for information about what they do, the positions they are looking to hire, and what those position qualifications are. After gaining a little bit of background knowledge of the companies you want to pursue, you will be more prepared to speak with their recruiter.

4. Be Ready to Engage the Recruiters

You will be expected to approach the recruiters at the job fair and actually talk to them. However, this isn’t an interview, so don’t expect them to be the ones to ask you questions and keep the conversation going. It is up to you to engage them.

Do this by having questions ready based on research you have done and be prepared to tell them why you will make a great intern or employee for their company. Get more information about what scenarios to expect at the career fair here.

5. Dress the Part

Though a career fair is not the same as an interview, this does not mean you should dress less formal than you would for an interview. You are giving recruiters an indication of what kind of employee you will be. It takes less than 10 seconds to make a first impression, so make sure you are dressing in a way that will make a professional impression on employers. Still not sure how to dress? Find out more here.

6. Relax!

Whether or not you get a job or internship from this career fair, this experience will help you be more comfortable in the future when interviewing and applying for positions. If you really hit it off with some employers, great! If you don’t get the results you wanted, that’s okay! The job and internship game takes practice and sometimes can take a few rounds before you succeed.


Take this job and internship fair for what it is: an opportunity to practice speaking with employers, get advice, and explore career opportunities you want to pursue.

Still not registered for the job fair? Find out how to register here.


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