CareerFest Timeline

Wondering what steps you should take to prepare for CareerFest? Check out this timeline!

In December:


Over the holiday break:

1. Gather business professional clothing to bring back to school.

2. Update your résumé.

3. Check the CareerFest weblist periodically to see which employers are being added to the list.

In January:

1. Stop into Career Development to have your résumé reviewed.

2. Look for our e-newsletters for tips and hints to have a successful CareerFest experience.

3. Register if you have not already done so!

In February:

1. Look through the list of employers and pick out the ones you definitely want to speak with at CareerFest

2. Research the employers you want to speak with so you have background knowledge about the company and position they are hiring. Prepare any questions you have for the recruiter about the position(s) they are hiring, the company culture, etc.

3. Print off several copies of your résumé. Make sure your résumé is appropriate for each employer you plan to speak with.

4. Stop in to Career development if you need any last minute help!

5. Organize transportation to the Aladdin Shrine Complex for Friday, February 7.


And finally… attend the event!

CareerFest 2


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