CareerFest Mistakes to Avoid

By now, you’ve read about why CareerFest is going to benefit you, and now that you’re registered and looked at our tips for CareerFest success, here’s some information on mistakes to avoid once you are at CareerFest. Avoiding these mistakes will help you make a great impression on recruiters and hopefully land a job or internship!

Mistake #1: Thinking You Can Wing It

Preparation is the key to CareerFest success. Do not expect to go in without a plan of which employers you want to talk to, what you plan to say, and what questions to ask. For advice on how to effectively plan for CareerFest, check out our helpful resource links on our registration webpage.

Mistake #2: Too Much Selling, Not Enough Learning

Your goal for CareerFest may be a job or internship, but it is equally important that you sell yourself to an employer and that you learn about the company. You can sell yourself once you have an interview with the company, but this may be the only opportunity you have to get all your questions answered. Remember to ask questions like: What is the company culture like? How did you begin at this company? What are some key skills your company looks for in interns/employees? For more help with understanding how to ask the right questions, stop in our office or email us at

Mistake #3: Not Looking Professional

We’re not lying to you when we say looking professional is critical to CareerFest success. By “professional” we don’t mean jeans without holes. We mean business professional, as if you were going into an interview for a position. Deciding on a professional outfit can be difficult, so here’s some information for men and women on tips and suggestions for CareerFest attire.

Mistake #4: Getting to CareerFest Too Late

Technically, CareerFest goes from 10am-3pm. HOWEVER, later into CareerFest, employers and recruiters start getting tired. After they have been talking to students for a few hours, they are usually ready to be done by 2 o’clock. So if possible, come early and talk to these professionals when they are fresh, awake and eager to talk to you about their company.

 Mistake #5: Bringing Too Much Stuff

We understand you may be coming from or going to class and need to bring your backpack with you. We also understand that given the freezing winter we’ve had, you will most likely have a coat with you. It is okay to have to bring these things, but be aware of where you can store them so they  are not weighing you down. Take advantage of the coat racks as you enter the building and if you must bring a backpack or a large purse, leave it with us at the registration table. We will keep it safe until you are done talking with employers.

When talking with employers, you should only bring your portfolio (meaning a folder, binder or whatever you are using to keep your resumes together), a pencil, and paper to takes notes on with you when you talk to employers.

Still Have Questions? Email us at, give us a call at 614-236-6606 or drop in our office and we will be happy to help you!


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