Answers to Your FAQ’s

Here at Career Development we love helping students get on the right career path and often we run into a lot of the same questions from students. We thought it would be helpful to put together a list of the FAQ’s from students with our answers in case you have any of the same questions!


1.  Do I have to have a cover letter for job applications?

Yes, absolutely! Whether or not an employer specifically asks for a cover letter, you should always include it along with your resume. This is because it highlights specific information from your resume and background that applies to that specific field or position. A cover letter is kind of like your sales pitch and you want to let the employer know that you are qualified for that position. Remember: NEVER use the same cover letter twice; they should always be personalized for each job.


2. Does Career Development help me find work study jobs?

No. Work study jobs are associated with your personal financial aid package, which is put together by the Financial Aid office, therefore we aren’t able to help you get the job, but we can provide some information like where the jobs are listed. So if you’re wondering if you qualify for a work study job head on over to the Financial Aid Office in Yochum Hall where they are happy to help!


3. My resume should be only 1 page, right?

Yes and no. The goal is to have your resume fit onto 1 page as this provides the employer who is reading with only your most important information. If your resume does exceed 1 page, this doesn’t mean that it’s wrong, but it would be a great opportunity to take another look. Also, if you’re trying to get it to 1 page, you can make some modifications like changing your margin size (between 1” and 1/2”) or your font size (10-12 point). Remember, you want the info on your resume to be as relevant to the position as possible, so unless you have so much relevant experience that you couldn’t possibly fit it all on 1 page, 1 page is a good goal to shoot for when writing your resume.


4. Do I have to put every job I’ve had on a resume?

No. This question is a great follow up to #3. It is extremely important that when you’re applying for a job or internship that the information on your resume is specific, concise, and correlates with that particular job or internship. Because of this, your resume may change slightly as you apply to different jobs.


5. How should I prepare for interviews?

Mock interviews! At Career Development we want you to be and feel 100% prepared when you walk in for an interview, so we provide an opportunity for you to have a mock interview with either Jan or Eric. We can do mock interviews for internships, jobs, and professional or graduate schools. You will provide them with a description of what you’re interviewing for and the qualifications. They will then come up with great questions pertaining to that position so you can get a feel for what kind of questions you may be asked at the actual interview. Call or e-mail career development to set up an appointment!


6. What’s the one thing I should know before going into an interview?

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one thing that you should know before an interview – it is all about preparing! First, don’t wait until the last minute to set up a mock interview or to get advice from our staff. This does not give you enough time to prepare and it would most likely make you feel even more nervous. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare! If you aren’t sure where to start, give our “How to Interview” career booklet a glance as it has TONS of information on interviewing.


As always, we want you to succeed in whatever you aspire to do. This is only a quick look at the questions we often hear, so if you have any other questions feel free to stop in and have a chat with one of our PCA’s. 


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