Things to Think About Over Break

Fall Semester is coming to an end with finals being right around the corner. This time of year is sure to be busy for all students as you’re studying, staying up late, and possibly cramming for an early morning exam. At this time, you’re probably not thinking about your future career or finding your next internship. That’s okay, but Winter Break is the perfect time to start thinking about these things! As the anxiety of finals week is left behind, and you’re looking forward to  celebrating the holidays, you may find yourself having some down time. So here are some things that you can be thinking about over break to help you prepare for your future career.


Updating your resume

This often does not take much time at all, but it’s always a good idea to make sure your resume is up-to-date. There are some small things you can do, like reconfigure your GPA after your professors get in your final grades. In addition to ending the semester, maybe your internship or job also came to a close, and this would be a great time while it’s still fresh in your mind to go ahead and add it to your resume.


Getting professional clothes

Winter break is also a time for shopping trips! At some point in your future, whether it’s for an internship or full time job, you will need a professional outfit for an interview. First, go through your closet to see if you have an appropriate interviewing outfit. Perhaps you’re missing a pair of pants to match your suit jacket. So while you’re out shopping for gifts, why not take this time to also shop for you? Or better yet, add these kinds of items to your holiday “wish list”!


Career Fest

Capital University is part of the Career Fest next year on February 6. Mark it down on your calendar now and also take the time to register! Think about making an appointment to get your resume reviewed before you go and check out over the 100 employers that will be there. This is a great opportunity for you whether you’re looking for an internship or a full time job.


Looking for jobs/internships

Speaking of internships and jobs, browse Crusader Careers for the latest job and internship openings available while on break. This website is updated frequently so you never know what you may find!


We hope you find plenty of time to relax over the holidays and also make down time worthwhile for prepping for your future career success! So have a great break, stay safe and we’ll see you in January!


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