5 Experiences That Can Help You Professionally

There are so many great opportunities here at Capital University that can be a great help when it comes to building your professional resume.  No matter how small the experience may be, it can make all the difference in how you grow both as an individual and as a future professional. Here are some resume-building experiences to consider:

1. Extracurriculars on campus can provide you with the chance to have leadership positions, meet new people and develop relevant or transferable skills for internships or jobs.

2. Internships are extremely beneficial when it comes to getting a peek into what the professional world looks like. Having the chance to be in a professional setting in a specific field allows you to experience what the working world looks and feels like.

3. On campus jobs allow you to have the convenience of being close to work but also gaining great experiences alongside peers and professionals.Whether it’s at the library, Academic Success, Career Development, the Cap Center, or a work-study job, all serve as great places to learn about problem solving, working in a team, and many other useful skills.

4.Volunteering is great because you can volunteer for a cause you are passionate about that you may end up having a career in later! Volunteering can also give you relevant and/or transferable skills to the field you are interested in.

5. Part time jobs teach you so many valuable skills. Never underestimate even the smallest things you may learn at part time jobs. There are many useful skills that can be learned at part-time jobs, like interacting with customers, answering phones, exercising time management and more!

No matter how or where you get involved, taking part in any of these experiences will be sure to improve you both personally and professionally. Don’t hesitate to stop by Career Development for more information on these experiences. We always look forward to helping however we can!


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