Tips on Resumes

During your college career it’s important to have a professional resume as you pursue internships and various jobs. If you need help writing or editing your resume, our resume booklets is a great resource to help you through the process. In addition, here are some quick tips on writing a great resume!

One size doesn’t fit all: It’s important to remember that there isn’t one specific way of writing your resume. You can find many different formats of resumes which can be overwhelming when trying to consider how to format your own. The key is to be sure that it is had good readability and is visually appealing.

Have a clear structure: Going along with readability, having a clear structure and organization method to your resume will greatly enhance the readability. Employers often spend under a minute reviewing a resume, and if it’s hard to read or find information they’re sure to move onto the next resume.

Be consistent: Consistency will make your resume look neat, put-together, and well thought-out. For example, being sure that if you have a job title in bold, you then make sure all your job titles are in bold.

Get it proof-read: Before sending out your resume to an employer, make sure you get it reviewed by a PCA. Even though you may have used spell-check and had your roommate look over it, it’s always good to have as many eyes look over a resume before it gets into the hands of an employer.

These are just a few helpful tips to enhance your resume writing skills that may increase your chances of potential employers hiring you! If you have a resume that you would like to have reviewed drop in or schedule an appointment. We’re always happy to help!


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